Renee Beamer Harbor & Home

Our mission is to create thoughtfully crafted books and home goods that inspire beautiful lives- inside and out.
— Renee Beamer

The Idea

The launch of a lifestyle blog was solely an attempt to archive home and diy projects along with some travel. I could not have imagined the day when I would be inspired to create and sell handcrafted home decor.

As an author, it had been a dream of mine to create a unique gift package that would include my book and complementary products. While my second book was in progress, the vision came and Renee Beamer Harbor & Home was born.

Style & Quality

Our lifestyles track at a faster pace than ever before, and we look for an avenue to restore a sense of ease and simplicity. The minimalistic style of our product lines opens the door to enjoying our homes as the sanctuaries they were meant to be.

The quality of our products is carefully considered with the goal of complementing your interior design and not detracting from it. 

Handcrafted in Virginia

ā€œI love that it was made by you.ā€ 

A client expressed what most of us desire when it comes to bringing products into our homes: connection. Not only should the item be affordable, but it should make an impact- on ourselves and our world. Renee Beamer Harbor & Home exists to inspire beautiful lives- inside and out. 

A portion of proceeds benefits underprivileged women with wardrobe essentials during pregnancy.