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A Boho- Inspired Picnic

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Because You’re Invited


June 12th is going to be a night to remember! I’m hosting a glamping-style picnic for you and girlfriends at my residence!


We’re dining outside and enjoying refreshing homemade dishes and dessert.

We’re dining outside and enjoying refreshing homemade dishes and dessert.


But an event like this one isn’t only about sight, smell, and taste- we’re delighting all the senses.


Who doesn’t love the smell of leather? And creating your own personalized journal will be a perfect finish to an unmatched evening with new and old friends.


Now, I know what you may be thinking: Even though you love all the details of this event, you’re unsure if you should be there. You’re wondering if it would be awkward, especially if you can’t find someone to go with you… I get it. But I just need you to boldly step out, so you don’t miss out! I promise you that it will be a super-friendly atmosphere, especially if you’re there! You are bringing that special sauce that makes the experience complete!

We women want community… we want to embrace and nurture new friendships that avoid the sizing-one-another-up kind of toxic behaviors. We’re not coming together to compare ourselves to one another. We’re coming together to celebrate the beauty of completeness when each one brings her unique, God-given qualities.

I’m doing my part and setting the atmosphere for total sensory enjoyment! And I’m also stepping out boldly to extend the invitation. I’m full of hope you will say yes to this tiny adventure that will be largely memorable!

Space is limited. Leave a comment if you want your name on the list. It will be so exciting to have you share in this beautiful evening!