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Found for Fall Giveaway

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The Found For Fall Giveaway Prize

Do you know what is more fun than hosting a giveaway on your Instagram platform?

Winning a giveaway! And how do you know you won’t win if you don’t even enter! Trust me- I’m no amateur when it comes to contests! I’ve got plenty of wins in my history, including two international vacations!

Although Renee Beamer Harbor & Home is not in the position to send some lucky soul on a trip of a lifetime, I am excited to share handcrafted goodness purchased from other vendors at the Christopher Newport University Farmer’s Market.

We’re talking a virtual vacation or at least a luxury spa-like experience with the natural soap bar from Of the Earth! And Havenmade has this stunning fabric amongst the new fall line of hair scrunchies. I couldn’t pass it up! Lastly, I’ve included a Mini Macramé Boho Décor from my shop.

All three are handmade and all three are up for grabs! Who will be the winner? Maybe you! Check out my Instagram post today for details on how to enter.