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Found for Fall

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Found is the theme for new fall décor at Renee Beamer Harbor & Home. Local beaches have provided beautifully sun-bleached and water-worn branches, but it is God himself who graciously has given the vision.

The following inspired pieces all have something in common: natural elements.

Driftwood, wood beads, preserved Eucalyptus, Sola wood, Pampas, cotton and linen. There’s plenty of texture in my fall décor line to satisfy even the most earthy of hearts!

2019 Edition Renee Beamer Harbor & Home  Christmas Ornament

2019 Edition Renee Beamer Harbor & Home Christmas Ornament

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat Modern Wreath

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I know little about sailing, but my mind romanticizes what it must be like to have the wind directing a vessel on open waters. When I study from afar sailboats out on the bay, I only see what my imagination conceives as a beautiful escape. I understand intense labor accompanies sailing, yet I’m simply choosing to focus on the optimal experience: wind is steady, waters are calm, and everyone can sit back and catch the sunset.

Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little.
— Paul Carvel
A blend of natural elements and faux greenery makes a casually elegant statement.

A blend of natural elements and faux greenery makes a casually elegant statement.

The Driftwood Sailboat Modern Wreath captures the idyllic calm of a day at sea. My handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat hangs effortlessly in the center of the wreath, adding that simple touch of summer’s goodness to the home.

A little history on this product design: a couple of years after a major hurricane hit our coast, I scored a large driftwood collection at my neighborhood beach and began looking for inspiration on how to utilize it. I decided upon the sailboat design and fell in love with each completed item. I must have made about sixty or seventy that first season, and I gifted one to each guest at our Christmas Open House. My personal collection still adorns the Christmas tree today.

While I was in the process of creating the Driftwood Sailboat to use as ornaments, my husband, Jon, was impressed with the design and encouraged me to consider selling them. He saw the potential of my craft. I brushed off his compliment, and didn’t give it anymore thought until December 29, 2017. I had what I call a divine download- God gave me the vision of an entire Winter Soulstice Product Line, all handcrafted and including my beloved sailboats.


Fast forward a decade or more beyond that first season of creatively utilizing my beach haul, and I am a business owner setting up for local markets and watching shoppers delight in the Driftwood Sailboat. The ornament version was a success, as my sweet man predicted. For the Summer Soulstice Line, I’ve included a tabletop Driftwood Sailboat as an option for my shoppers.

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat decor for accentuating a side table or shelf.

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat decor for accentuating a side table or shelf.

A Coastal Gathering

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A Coastal Gathering

Celebrating Life’s Beautiful Moments


The first day of spring brings with it a season of joyful anticipation for summer brides. I’ve hosted a shower in recent years, and I know the desire to create a themed decor that will make the celebrated woman and her guests feel very special.

If you’ve fallen head over heels for the bohemian style, my Summer Soulstice Line is the perfect find for party accents and gifts.


I suggest starting with a Turkish Hand Towel as your oversized napkin for each guest.


Create a tablescape using collected natural elements accented by the Wood Bead Garland, Summer Soulstice Candles, and Live Mini Succulents.


Finish the look with a one-of-a-kind Summer Soulstice Wall Hanging. Let your bride carry it home along with her other gifts and always remember the day she was celebrated by her friends and family.