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The Why Behind Renee Beamer Harbor & Home

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I’m big on mission statements. Give me the end goal, and I’m going to run with everything in me to see the mission accomplished. That is why I loved the HoneyBook and Cultivate What Matters charge to small businesses at the start of 2019: Define your mission statement.

When you know your why, your what becomes clearer and more impactful.
— Michael Jr.

Designing a Modern Wreath fulfills a part of my why!

Designing a Modern Wreath fulfills a part of my why!

The first and dearest reason for why I do what I do with Renee Beamer Harbor & Home is that I was inspired to start this business! And as one inspired, my mission is to inspire beautiful lives, inside and out.

What do I mean by inside and out? The Bible gives instruction about a woman’s outward adornment and what should be her more passionate pursuit of inner beautification. Now the context is totally in regard to personal fashion, but suffice to say, home fashion is no different. Yes, I want a woman to purchase my handcrafted wreath or candle, and to enjoy the sense of calm it invokes in her space, but I want more for her to have a heart at rest. Both have a value in this business, but the latter carries an eternal value. So I’m encouraged to share the devotional I’ve written that addresses our true identity as daughters of God and from where we can draw an unshakeable confidence.

That’s the beauty on the inside- an unfading beauty! A heart at rest and confident in God’s goodness now and forever.

Citizen Flag by  My White Flag.

Citizen Flag by My White Flag.

Another goal of my company is to help women create a welcoming home, and that starts with a welcoming experience while shopping with Renee Beamer Harbor & Home. Some of my local customers actually say that my vendor space is so peaceful. And that let’s me know I’m heading in the right direction. There’s a drive within me to create an experience- so I’m having a lot of fun developing opportunities for us to engage all five senses!

Let’s not overlook the importance of how the home’s atmosphere makes our family and guests feel. There’s something therapeutic about a space that speaks peace to the soul. I remember as a kid staying overnight at my friend’s house, and the way I felt waking up on Sunday mornings to the sound of hymns on the radio and the smell of breakfast being prepared… I will never forget it!

And I know that a simple piece of artwork can inspire an entire home’s interior design. It happened to me! My friend, Sandra Cowley, creates beautiful, coastal-themed paintings, and I am honored to have this one among many others from her collection in my home. The neutral color scheme all started here.


Lastly, the mission of Renee Beamer Harbor & Home enables me to solve a problem. You see, I’ve had friends for years tell me they want my help decorating their home. There have been times when I was able to be present and offer guidance. But not everyone requesting help lives in my region of the country! Now I make products that appeal to the style they see in my home and enjoy, and I show how they can be incorporated into the design.


How high does a cohesive interior design rank in your agenda? And what feeling do you hope your home evokes?