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My Top 5 Home Revivals

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The season leading us into renewal has arrived! Some of us are so happy that we want to sing and twirl and skip!

The following are the top five things I recommend to bring a spring refresh to your home.


1. Spring Clean. It’s time to shake the winter dullness out of the house. When the inspiration hits, take on a project that requires more attention.


2. Refresh Decor. The simple act of adding oyster shells and driftwood speaks hope of summer days to come.


3. Declutter. Fold up the wintertime throw blankets and allow woven seagrass baskets to house them.


4. Check out new recipes to add fresh excitement to mealtime.


5. Enjoy the beauty this season offers with others. Open windows (on days with low pollen count!) and open the door to friends to linger around the table and enjoy one of those new recipes!