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The Why Behind Renee Beamer Harbor & Home

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I’m big on mission statements. Give me the end goal, and I’m going to run with everything in me to see the mission accomplished. That is why I loved the HoneyBook and Cultivate What Matters charge to small businesses at the start of 2019: Define your mission statement.

When you know your why, your what becomes clearer and more impactful.
— Michael Jr.

Designing a Modern Wreath fulfills a part of my why!

Designing a Modern Wreath fulfills a part of my why!

The first and dearest reason for why I do what I do with Renee Beamer Harbor & Home is that I was inspired to start this business! And as one inspired, my mission is to inspire beautiful lives, inside and out.

What do I mean by inside and out? The Bible gives instruction about a woman’s outward adornment and what should be her more passionate pursuit of inner beautification. Now the context is totally in regard to personal fashion, but suffice to say, home fashion is no different. Yes, I want a woman to purchase my handcrafted wreath or candle, and to enjoy the sense of calm it invokes in her space, but I want more for her to have a heart at rest. Both have a value in this business, but the latter carries an eternal value. So I’m encouraged to share the devotional I’ve written that addresses our true identity as daughters of God and from where we can draw an unshakeable confidence.

That’s the beauty on the inside- an unfading beauty! A heart at rest and confident in God’s goodness now and forever.

Citizen Flag by  My White Flag.

Citizen Flag by My White Flag.

Another goal of my company is to help women create a welcoming home, and that starts with a welcoming experience while shopping with Renee Beamer Harbor & Home. Some of my local customers actually say that my vendor space is so peaceful. And that let’s me know I’m heading in the right direction. There’s a drive within me to create an experience- so I’m having a lot of fun developing opportunities for us to engage all five senses!

Let’s not overlook the importance of how the home’s atmosphere makes our family and guests feel. There’s something therapeutic about a space that speaks peace to the soul. I remember as a kid staying overnight at my friend’s house, and the way I felt waking up on Sunday mornings to the sound of hymns on the radio and the smell of breakfast being prepared… I will never forget it!

And I know that a simple piece of artwork can inspire an entire home’s interior design. It happened to me! My friend, Sandra Cowley, creates beautiful, coastal-themed paintings, and I am honored to have this one among many others from her collection in my home. The neutral color scheme all started here.


Lastly, the mission of Renee Beamer Harbor & Home enables me to solve a problem. You see, I’ve had friends for years tell me they want my help decorating their home. There have been times when I was able to be present and offer guidance. But not everyone requesting help lives in my region of the country! Now I make products that appeal to the style they see in my home and enjoy, and I show how they can be incorporated into the design.


How high does a cohesive interior design rank in your agenda? And what feeling do you hope your home evokes?

Summer Soulstice Line Launch

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When I began my creative business, I worked on a Winter Soulstice line in preparation for the Christmas season always knowing that the sweetness of producing a summer line would be right around the corner. So, when January came, I began seeking inspiration and dreaming of items to include in the new line. And now that the summer season is upon us, I am so excited to see the new inventory materialize in my first show of 2019!

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern Farmhouse Decor

This Mother’s Day weekend marks the launch of my Summer Soulstice Line at the Hilton Art Walk! The excitement for me builds as I anticipate sharing home decor, books, and journals with show attendees.

Handcrafted leather goods, You Are More Than You Know Devotional, and Hand Poured Soy Candle

Handcrafted leather goods, You Are More Than You Know Devotional, and Hand Poured Soy Candle

Sometimes a little help is needed picking out the right gift for Mom, and that is why I put together a very special basket of home decor. I’m calling it Mom’s Market Haul, and it includes four handcrafted home goods.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Gift Basket

Modern Farmhouse Decor Gift Basket

Leading up to the launch weekend, I invited Instagram followers to get in on the excitement through a series of weekly giveaways I called 3 Fun Fridays. It started with a signed copy of You Are More Than You Know, was followed by a one-of-a-kind Loved Leather Bracelet, and finished with a wonderful trio of Summer Soulstice Candles.

Hand Poured Soy Candle, Driftwood Sailboat, and Modern Wreaths

Hand Poured Soy Candle, Driftwood Sailboat, and Modern Wreaths

Yesterday I loaded the car, and now I prepare to go set up in Hilton Village. It’s hard to imagine how the line will be received… Will every Driftwood Sailboat find a new home? Will people fall in love with the Summer Soulstice Candle fragrance? There’s definitely a nervous excitement within!

I’ll be sure to update post show! Hopefully I’ll remember to get lots of pictures throughout the event! If you’re local, I’d love for you to stop in and say hello!

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat Modern Wreath

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I know little about sailing, but my mind romanticizes what it must be like to have the wind directing a vessel on open waters. When I study from afar sailboats out on the bay, I only see what my imagination conceives as a beautiful escape. I understand intense labor accompanies sailing, yet I’m simply choosing to focus on the optimal experience: wind is steady, waters are calm, and everyone can sit back and catch the sunset.

Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little.
— Paul Carvel
A blend of natural elements and faux greenery makes a casually elegant statement.

A blend of natural elements and faux greenery makes a casually elegant statement.

The Driftwood Sailboat Modern Wreath captures the idyllic calm of a day at sea. My handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat hangs effortlessly in the center of the wreath, adding that simple touch of summer’s goodness to the home.

A little history on this product design: a couple of years after a major hurricane hit our coast, I scored a large driftwood collection at my neighborhood beach and began looking for inspiration on how to utilize it. I decided upon the sailboat design and fell in love with each completed item. I must have made about sixty or seventy that first season, and I gifted one to each guest at our Christmas Open House. My personal collection still adorns the Christmas tree today.

While I was in the process of creating the Driftwood Sailboat to use as ornaments, my husband, Jon, was impressed with the design and encouraged me to consider selling them. He saw the potential of my craft. I brushed off his compliment, and didn’t give it anymore thought until December 29, 2017. I had what I call a divine download- God gave me the vision of an entire Winter Soulstice Product Line, all handcrafted and including my beloved sailboats.


Fast forward a decade or more beyond that first season of creatively utilizing my beach haul, and I am a business owner setting up for local markets and watching shoppers delight in the Driftwood Sailboat. The ornament version was a success, as my sweet man predicted. For the Summer Soulstice Line, I’ve included a tabletop Driftwood Sailboat as an option for my shoppers.

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat decor for accentuating a side table or shelf.

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat decor for accentuating a side table or shelf.

My Top 5 Home Revivals

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The season leading us into renewal has arrived! Some of us are so happy that we want to sing and twirl and skip!

The following are the top five things I recommend to bring a spring refresh to your home.


1. Spring Clean. It’s time to shake the winter dullness out of the house. When the inspiration hits, take on a project that requires more attention.


2. Refresh Decor. The simple act of adding oyster shells and driftwood speaks hope of summer days to come.


3. Declutter. Fold up the wintertime throw blankets and allow woven seagrass baskets to house them.


4. Check out new recipes to add fresh excitement to mealtime.


5. Enjoy the beauty this season offers with others. Open windows (on days with low pollen count!) and open the door to friends to linger around the table and enjoy one of those new recipes!

A Coastal Gathering

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A Coastal Gathering

Celebrating Life’s Beautiful Moments


The first day of spring brings with it a season of joyful anticipation for summer brides. I’ve hosted a shower in recent years, and I know the desire to create a themed decor that will make the celebrated woman and her guests feel very special.

If you’ve fallen head over heels for the bohemian style, my Summer Soulstice Line is the perfect find for party accents and gifts.


I suggest starting with a Turkish Hand Towel as your oversized napkin for each guest.


Create a tablescape using collected natural elements accented by the Wood Bead Garland, Summer Soulstice Candles, and Live Mini Succulents.


Finish the look with a one-of-a-kind Summer Soulstice Wall Hanging. Let your bride carry it home along with her other gifts and always remember the day she was celebrated by her friends and family.