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Summer Soulstice Line Launch

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When I began my creative business, I worked on a Winter Soulstice line in preparation for the Christmas season always knowing that the sweetness of producing a summer line would be right around the corner. So, when January came, I began seeking inspiration and dreaming of items to include in the new line. And now that the summer season is upon us, I am so excited to see the new inventory materialize in my first show of 2019!

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern Farmhouse Decor

This Mother’s Day weekend marks the launch of my Summer Soulstice Line at the Hilton Art Walk! The excitement for me builds as I anticipate sharing home decor, books, and journals with show attendees.

Handcrafted leather goods, You Are More Than You Know Devotional, and Hand Poured Soy Candle

Handcrafted leather goods, You Are More Than You Know Devotional, and Hand Poured Soy Candle

Sometimes a little help is needed picking out the right gift for Mom, and that is why I put together a very special basket of home decor. I’m calling it Mom’s Market Haul, and it includes four handcrafted home goods.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Gift Basket

Modern Farmhouse Decor Gift Basket

Leading up to the launch weekend, I invited Instagram followers to get in on the excitement through a series of weekly giveaways I called 3 Fun Fridays. It started with a signed copy of You Are More Than You Know, was followed by a one-of-a-kind Loved Leather Bracelet, and finished with a wonderful trio of Summer Soulstice Candles.

Hand Poured Soy Candle, Driftwood Sailboat, and Modern Wreaths

Hand Poured Soy Candle, Driftwood Sailboat, and Modern Wreaths

Yesterday I loaded the car, and now I prepare to go set up in Hilton Village. It’s hard to imagine how the line will be received… Will every Driftwood Sailboat find a new home? Will people fall in love with the Summer Soulstice Candle fragrance? There’s definitely a nervous excitement within!

I’ll be sure to update post show! Hopefully I’ll remember to get lots of pictures throughout the event! If you’re local, I’d love for you to stop in and say hello!

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat Modern Wreath

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I know little about sailing, but my mind romanticizes what it must be like to have the wind directing a vessel on open waters. When I study from afar sailboats out on the bay, I only see what my imagination conceives as a beautiful escape. I understand intense labor accompanies sailing, yet I’m simply choosing to focus on the optimal experience: wind is steady, waters are calm, and everyone can sit back and catch the sunset.

Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little.
— Paul Carvel
A blend of natural elements and faux greenery makes a casually elegant statement.

A blend of natural elements and faux greenery makes a casually elegant statement.

The Driftwood Sailboat Modern Wreath captures the idyllic calm of a day at sea. My handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat hangs effortlessly in the center of the wreath, adding that simple touch of summer’s goodness to the home.

A little history on this product design: a couple of years after a major hurricane hit our coast, I scored a large driftwood collection at my neighborhood beach and began looking for inspiration on how to utilize it. I decided upon the sailboat design and fell in love with each completed item. I must have made about sixty or seventy that first season, and I gifted one to each guest at our Christmas Open House. My personal collection still adorns the Christmas tree today.

While I was in the process of creating the Driftwood Sailboat to use as ornaments, my husband, Jon, was impressed with the design and encouraged me to consider selling them. He saw the potential of my craft. I brushed off his compliment, and didn’t give it anymore thought until December 29, 2017. I had what I call a divine download- God gave me the vision of an entire Winter Soulstice Product Line, all handcrafted and including my beloved sailboats.


Fast forward a decade or more beyond that first season of creatively utilizing my beach haul, and I am a business owner setting up for local markets and watching shoppers delight in the Driftwood Sailboat. The ornament version was a success, as my sweet man predicted. For the Summer Soulstice Line, I’ve included a tabletop Driftwood Sailboat as an option for my shoppers.

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat decor for accentuating a side table or shelf.

Handcrafted Driftwood Sailboat decor for accentuating a side table or shelf.

An Organized Home

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Your Organized Home Starts Here.

And it’s not going to take five years.


So you’re ready for a whole home overhaul! Good on ya! Cleaning out clutter liberates the soul, and I want that for you! But let’s be real- there are sooo many closets, drawers, nooks, and crannies that need attention. The overwhelming thought of where to begin stifles any motion forward… I think I can help!


After we built our first home and moved in, I wanted each room’s design to be completed in an instant. Jon would periodically remind me that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and he was right. We were going to have to pace ourselves. So I did what any chica with OCD tendencies would do: I created a five-year plan for styling our home!

Doesn’t it relieve a bit of mental load when you know something that desperately needs your attention is on your schedule? We do this with work projects all the time, so of course we can anticipate the same release from scheduling out our home projects as well.

Here’s a sample plan of how to use the remaining months of 2019 to tackle the goal of an organized home.



  • Declutter the MBR Closet. Click here to read my post about it.


  • Organize the Mudroom. It’s okay if you put this one off. There’s a long holiday weekend waiting for you.


  • Clean out the Garage. The best way to tackle this project is to empty everything out. Reassure those trying to shop your driveway display that your yard sale will take place in the near future, or perhaps they’ll find your discards at the local charity store.

    You may want to hose down the interior of the garage or just sweep it out well. Wash your car too, because she’s going to look good parked in your newly organized space!


  • Declutter the Kitchen.


  • Clean out the Bedrooms. All hands on deck for this one! The first step is to ask each child to go through their clothes and bag up what they no longer wear.


  • Declutter the Playroom.

  • Organize the Home Office.


  • Declutter the Master Bedroom.


  • Organize the Entryway.

  • Clean out the Bathrooms.


  • Declutter the Living Room.


How does the idea of pacing your home projects sound to you? Are you currently working on decluttering a particular space, or are you attempting everything at once? Leave some insights in the comments below.

Decluttering Project

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Marie Kondo would be proud.

Tidying Your Space

Ready to take on a decluttering project- Marie Condo style? How about your bedroom closet? Do you think it’s something you could tackle before the first of May? If you’re up to the challenge, you will thank yourself on the other side!


The goal is to have a structured closet with every piece in view so that choosing what to wear takes minimal time. The road to get there can be strenuous though, especially if you follow the advice of the tidying queen: Pull all clothing from the closet and lay it on your bed.

Woody here to cheer you up! You is kind, you is smart, you is important!

Woody here to cheer you up! You is kind, you is smart, you is important!


With everything out of the closet, now separate the pieces into three categories: Currently Wearing; Haven’t Worn in Awhile; and Sentimental. This may take some time, and that’s okay. Don’t allow the task to overwhelm you.

Return all your certain-to-wear clothing to the closet and bag up donation pieces. If a sentimental article is too difficult to part with at this time, hold on to it and in a later season reevaluate it’s usefulness.

As painful as paring down can sometimes feel, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a lighter load, particularly when you can see in hindsight that you were never meant to carry all that stuff anyway.
— Joanna Gaines

Who knows what additional decluttering projects will result after you experience the euphoria of completing your bedroom closet! Leave a comment below if you’re taking the April Challenge, or if you have already done some tidying. I’d love to hear your solution for unwanted items, as well as more ideas for cleaning out the unnecessary.

My Top 5 Home Revivals

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The season leading us into renewal has arrived! Some of us are so happy that we want to sing and twirl and skip!

The following are the top five things I recommend to bring a spring refresh to your home.


1. Spring Clean. It’s time to shake the winter dullness out of the house. When the inspiration hits, take on a project that requires more attention.


2. Refresh Decor. The simple act of adding oyster shells and driftwood speaks hope of summer days to come.


3. Declutter. Fold up the wintertime throw blankets and allow woven seagrass baskets to house them.


4. Check out new recipes to add fresh excitement to mealtime.


5. Enjoy the beauty this season offers with others. Open windows (on days with low pollen count!) and open the door to friends to linger around the table and enjoy one of those new recipes!

A Coastal Gathering

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A Coastal Gathering

Celebrating Life’s Beautiful Moments


The first day of spring brings with it a season of joyful anticipation for summer brides. I’ve hosted a shower in recent years, and I know the desire to create a themed decor that will make the celebrated woman and her guests feel very special.

If you’ve fallen head over heels for the bohemian style, my Summer Soulstice Line is the perfect find for party accents and gifts.


I suggest starting with a Turkish Hand Towel as your oversized napkin for each guest.


Create a tablescape using collected natural elements accented by the Wood Bead Garland, Summer Soulstice Candles, and Live Mini Succulents.


Finish the look with a one-of-a-kind Summer Soulstice Wall Hanging. Let your bride carry it home along with her other gifts and always remember the day she was celebrated by her friends and family.

New Product Sneak Peek!

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Why is it about green, gold and white that make for such a compelling display? Perhaps it’s the hope of summer and the colors that accompany it!

The Summer Soulstice Line is in production and bringing the minimalistic touch to interiors where ease and simplicity are the rule. We suggest hanging the Oyster Modern Wreath on an interior door such as a barn door where she will pop!

Farmhouse Galley Kitchen

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When Jon and I help his customers prepare for the myriad of decisions they will make in designing their custom kitchen, I encourage them to tap into the wealth of inspiration on Pinterest. Someone probably combined the different elements being considered, and that takes the guesswork out of visualizing the end result. I'm pretty sure I saw this kitchen in a pin before we built it.

My recipe for our kitchen is Comfort Gray wall color by Sherwin Williams, white Shaker style cabinetry with brushed nickel drawer pulls, Kitchen Aid stainless steel appliances, Arizona White solid surface, and white subway tile backsplash.

Shop my style:

Elkay Stainless Farm Sink

Moen Align Faucet

World Market Wood & Iron Valencia Chandelier

Pottery Barn Studio Wall Shelf

Dash & Albert Gradation Ticking Woven Cotton Runner


Some Thoughts on Adding Plants to Your Decor

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For some reason, I get the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, and this month's cover highlights adding plants to home décor. All of the potted trees are in woven baskets, and various stands give some of the live decor a prominent place in the display.

I've been housing more potted trees in baskets, and I like the vibe it brings to the home. The look is finished, but still casual if that makes sense! 


“Among plants that make themselves at home indoors, the tropical fiddle-leaf fig makes one of the biggest statements.” -Joanna Gaines


The fiddle-leaf fig tree appears to be a fast grower and I'm looking forward to the day it takes center stage in our family room.